The Freedom to Dream program takes you on an incredible journey to discover the true story of YOU. Providing a well-rounded support from both a soul & strategy perspective.

Over 6 months, Princella & Shelby teach you the tools you need to build an abundant life, and as a result of that, coaching business using both strategy & inner work. 

We’re offering you, and only a handful of other start-up coaches, the opportunity to sign up now to confirm your spot in the Freedom to Dream Program

We pride ourselves in teaching our Dreamers the lost art of coachability.

What does that mean? We empower you to look within for guidance, to create a business that comes straight from your soul.

A coaching business that is immersed in the story of YOU. 

We’re offering you, and only a handful of other start-up coaches, the opportunity to sign up now to confirm your spot in the Freedom to Dream program.

In the Freedom to Dream program, you’ll learn how to get out of your head and take action… aligned action.

Are you ready to finally take action and create the life and business you’ve always dreamed of?

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Build Your Coaching Business like a Healthy, Producing Tree

From the Roots, to the Core, to the Leaves

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We begin on June 28, 2021!

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You can finally stop sprinting to sell your next client, just to pay your bills at the end of the month.

You can finally stop sprinting to sell your next client, just to pay your bills at the end of the month. 

No one, especially not an amazing, bright, sensitive soul like you, should have to bite their nails down to the skin because they don’t even know what to focus on or even where to start.

We know what it’s like to need:

  • Personal Support & Guidance
  • A Clear and Soul-Aligned Message
  • A well-packaged presented offer
  • A customized content game-plan & growth strategy
  • Actions you can do RIGHT NOW to start making money as a start-up coach with a small audience.

Secret: The Tasks You’re Spending Most of Your Energy on Actually do NOTHING to move the money needle in your business

Are you spending hours of time on tasks you loathe? 

Are you trying to do “all the things,” and completely burning yourself out with no clients to show for it?

You Are Not Alone.

You weren’t given the heart of an entrepreneur, a PIONEER, to:

  • Become a follower
  • Adopt someone else’s cookie-cutter, off the shelf approach
  • Or give up right before you hit it big

The Freedom to Dream program for coaches only opens up to new clients twice per year!

(Make sure to sign up now to start on June 28, 2021!)

Still not sure? Well, it’s super important to us that you know EXACTLY what you’re getting when you sign up for the Freedom to Dream program for coaches.

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You Have Passion. You have Drive. You KNOW you have it in you to rock the online coaching industry.

But… you can’t help feeling you’re spending WAY too much time writing content, designing your website, recording webinars, and DIYing your way to business success (or so you hope).


Does the guilt for not being there for your family, your business, your clients… linger in your mind?


Are you in a constant mental battle because you’re putting sooooo much work in and you aren’t seeing any results?


You might be thinking: “What’s the point?” or “I feel like it’s me against the whole world”


Sister, soul family, there is a way to feel good about all of this. 


There is a way to build a coaching business to the beat of your own drum. To build a business that works to support your ideal lifestyle not destroys it. 


We promise.  

We’ll teach you the 3, surprisingly simple, steps that you need to learn to break free from your money blocks and skip through the bs – straight into bringing home the dollar dollar bills, yeah!

80% of coaches don’t make money online

because they give up too quickly. 

(Usually, right before their business starts to turn a profit)

Often, coaches end up “letting go” of their business right before they make it big. 


How crazy is that??


Craziest part? They’ll never even know the kind of abundance they could have attracted if they had just stuck at it a little longer.


If you think about it, all you have to do is stick at it longer than the other 80% of coaches out there and you’ve made it, your success is inevitable. 


Can you imagine how far you could go without all the overwhelm, stress, and a game plan that makes sense?


Today is the day you decide to change your life. 


Today is the day that you realise your dream is worth chasing. 


Today you’ll give your business what the other 80% of coaches never did.


Today is the day that you choose to invest in yourself.

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More interested in life-coaching?

Princella Stringer is a certified life coach…

Princella works with women who want to learn an organic, natural, confident “way of being” to achieve the goals she wants to achieve. The goals may include personal or business empowerment. 

She specializes developing your inner wisdom to overcoming imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, and more.

Her coaching methods build self-love, creative flow, planning methods/skills and taking action that feels amazing, and more productive than you’ll ever experience.