Beginner Plan Bundle

In the beginner plan, learn to sew with a monthly plan of 1.5 hours a week (6 hrs total). This level is focused on beginner level and gets a Basic Sewing Kit!


$40.00 / Year


Learn the basics of sewing! You also get a Basic Sewing Kit!

  • How to operate a sewing machine, trouble shoot problems.
  • How to thread, use machine equipment and tools.
  • Learn to read a pattern.
  • How to layout fabric, pin, and cut.
  • Practice getting comfortable with sewing various stitch settings on various weights of fabric.
  • Sign up for up to 6 hours of sewing instruction a month.
  • Complete a basic garment or basic level sewn item to graduate from this level!

How to sign up for your hours:

To control the classroom size, we will have “open-hours” to sign up. All time slots will be kept to a 5 person maximum. Once you have registered, I will send you access to the calendar to pick your time slot.


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