Sign Consistent Clients & Attract Money to Your Coaching Business.

Transform your coaching business & sign aligned clients through the power of…


Sign your soul clients without wasting hours on strategies that don’t gel with who you are or your lifestyle.

We detail the step by step process, to discovering your money making business and creating an organic strategy to achieve it. AND learn how Human Design helps to do just that!

It is time for YOU TO SHINE. Time for YOU to live out your purpose.

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Are you a coach who’s on a quest for what works and what doesn’t?

Are you ready to implement sustainable strategies to sign soul clients by reaching higher and developing the tools you need to run a profitable coaching business?

In the Freedom to Dream program, you’ll learn to turn your passion into profit and sign clients that are screaming “TAKE MY MONEY” at your doorstep.

Tried This On Your Quest to Sign Soul Clients:

Motivational talks with 1000’s of motivational post-its?

Read all the books on mind-set and productivity hacks?

Paid unreasonable amounts of money for cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf or group coaching?

Does nothing seems to feel right or actually bring you tangible results

Someone else’s approach will never work for you. 

You, my friend, are an intuitive, a special soul. So, you need so much more. 

You require deep insight, deep answers.

If you’re so OVER being told strategy after strategy and never feeling like you’ve found your path to make money, we’re here for you allll the way, girl!

We’ve created a brand new training just for you!

Work with Princella & Shelby

Princella Stringer, Certified Coach

Princella is a city girl, transplanted to Southwest Michigan, USA.

She's a working mom and certified coach with a passion for empowering woman-coaches to find their voice and live out their big dream vision.

Shelby Pietersen, Client Attraction Coach

Shelby is a farm wife, living in the wild mountains of South Africa.

She has extensive knowledge and experience in organic marketing strategy and business systems for freedom fighters.


“Shelby and Princella have hugely helped me find confidence in myself to start up my business! They have helped me gain the skills and tools I need to step beyond my self-doubt. I have also gained direction and feel really supported and held by these amazing women and look forward to connecting with others who have joined the course to hear their stories of development too. Supporting women entrepreneurs rules! Thanks, ladies <3”
Life Coach & Yoga Instructor
In working with Princella, my biggest takeaway was confirmed clarity on WHY I am serving who I serve! I loved every part of working with her!
Melissa Rohlfs
Health & Life Coach
“Shelby is an excellent content writer. I recommend her service to anyone who wants to WOW their readers. She has a way with words that Captivates an audience and drives them to take action. 5 stars for you Shelby!”
Janine H.
Marketing Expert
I know that I'm on the right track. Princella went over and above in her generosity and willingness to help niche down. I'm so thankful for my time spent with her and feel confident moving forward that I am where I need to be. She has a friendly and relaxing personality that put me at ease right away.
Kim Kenny
Transformation Coach
“Princella & Shelby are changing the world! Or at least MY world haha! Princella has helped me to see my vision for my business, and what is holding me back. Shelby has helped me to get a strategy to achieve those goals for my business... This is the DREAM team! <3”
Rachael Lopez
Financial Coach
My niche is unique to me and what lights me up. It’s based on my own experiences and the passion I have not necessarily what others think I should do. Princella did a great job seeing the common theme through my life experiences and helping me find exactly what I dreamed of doing in my coaching business.
Testimonial 1 - portrait
Anna Heselbarths
Health Coach

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If you want to see a change in your business, start with mental toughness. This means training your mind to always have your back. 

– Princella Stringer

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

with The Coaching Institute