At just $50, I offer a foundational Human Design Reading of your HD Chart and follow-up readings are $40. 

For a more in-depth experience, scroll down to Living Your Human Design and Human Design Coaching!

Although a basic reading entails a significant amount of information, follow-up readings dive into other aspects of our lives that are important to us.

  1. How we relate to others as we learn our design and experiment through the embodiment of our design and authority.
  2. How we make decisions through the embodiment of our design and authority. 

Below are more details of each type of reading and follow-up readings I offer. I would love to support you in your HD experiment!

Reading & Follow-up Readings

  • Basic HD Reading: This service includes a graphic of your Human Design chart, a 30 minute Zoom call as an introductory connection to discuss what you hope to learn in your chart reading. At the end of this call we will schedule another Zoom meeting to discuss and receive your reading with notes if you wish to follow along and to refer to at a later date. This reading will include your type, profile, strategy and centers. NOTE: This is where all services/readings begin.
  • Follow-up Relational: Nothing is more powerful than understanding how you relate to others and how they see you (it’s important to note that “how they see you” will be discussed in further detail and it may not be exactly what you think). In this Relational Reading we take the basic reading and expand on how Human Design supports better relations from an inter-personal level.
  • Follow-up Relationships: The next step is in understanding how to improve relationships. I have found HD invaluable to my relationship with my husband and children. And in this reading, we discuss how you behave, respond, make decisions pertaining to the dynamics of important relationships. NOTE: If this reading requires reviewing another persons chart, they must sign up for a basic reading first, then we can conduct a Relationship Reading. However, if we simply review your chart, we will discuss elements in your design and conditioning to improve the dynamics of any relationship. In this Relationship Reading we take the basic reading and expand on how Human Design supports better relationships.

* To receive a follow-up reading, you must have already received a Basic HD Reading 

Living Your Design

This is a Human Design Coaching Service that is a 12-month commitment for $5000. Ra Uru Hu has said that it takes a full 7 years to decondition ourselves from mental patterns that limit our ability to live fully and in our innate design. However, while this may be true this does not mean that significant shifts are prevented as we encounter the life experiment of living our design. As I see it, and have been taught, we may never be fully de-conditioned. In other words, as we strive to become; live out; sustain our higher-self, we have to recognize we are human. And because we are human, our mind will interfere with our process of evolution and growth. The human experience can be a beautiful and peaceful place of recognition.

According to philosopher Ken Wilber, Spiritual Masters are only .0000001 of the total population. As a completely de-conditioned individual, one could argue that this could be a Spiritual Master level. Very rare. However, a noble aspiration, to say the least. I do believe the journey and desire to walk toward enlightenment is a gift to mankind and extremely admirable.

All this to say, HD supported coaching is the most comprehensive and ingenuous, pure act of the furtherance of the spiritual journey & self-empowerment. Human Design is a modality of a logical system that brings together principles of The I Ching & biochemistry, astrology & astronomy, Kabbalah & quantum mechanics, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system & genetics.

According to many teachers of Human Design, this methods holds no religion or stance on religion leaving the system open to individualization as one sees fit to their beliefs. This is why I chose to lead my coaching with Human Design.

12-month Human Design Coaching package:

  • Basic HD Reading: Includes a graphic of your Human Design chart, a Zoom call as an introductory connection. In this call we will discuss what you hope to learn in your chart reading. After this call, please allow 7-10 days to receive your individualized plan. This reading will include your type, profile, gates and channels impacting your life experience and personality.
  • Monthly Coaching: Each month will include a 30 minute Zoom call plus Voxer communication for additional coaching based off of the individualized plan.
  • Goal Setting: Each month we will discuss your personal goals and annual goal, as well as the progress made with an analysis of the annual goals and outcomes. These goals and outcomes will always flow with the energies of the times, taking into consideration what becomes more &/or less important to you, the client, as you continue on your HD experiment, spiritual journey & self-empowerment journey. For additional support, visit my podcast.


*Payment plans are an option with 1/2 down and payments on the rest of the balance. Click the link below to learn more!

*Once your payment is made, you will receive an email within 24 hours to onboard you into our journey together! As always, email me at with any questions as we are getting started. In our on-boarding process you will learn of other (more convenient) ways to communicate with me, your COACH for the next 12 months and beyond! Are you excited yet!? I am. 😀